Saturday, June 29, 2013

Two Weeks!

"Only a life lived for others is a life worth living." - Albert Einstein 

So I'm two weeks late in sharing Laef's eleven months, and it's two weeks until his first birthday. June has been crazy busy. Three weddings, E-sessions, traveling, family, editing and a little boy who is into everything.

He is the best distraction in my life. I hate that I have to ignore him at times to get work done, but that is the only downside of having a business where I can make money, be a stay-at-home mom/wife, and be a creative artist. It's challenging at times, but thankfully my husband and parents have stepped in to help make it all work for me/us. I am very thankful. 

Yes, two weeks till twelve months. I've cried a few times this week, and emotionally I haven't had a lot of time to think about it all due to the fact that June has been so busy, and I'm planning his huge birthday party in two weeks. I'm doing an explorer/travel theme. So lots of maps and stuff.... I'm not a genie at party planning. But I guess I better get better at it. 

So Laef is a boy, a little boy with giant brown eyes that sparkle in the 4pm sun that leaks through his windows when he waits for me to come get him after his nap. I pull back the blinds and he stands in his crib bouncing, rested, and excited. I can't get over how beautiful this boy is. I mean, yes, he's my son, and I "have" to say that. But seriously, everywhere we go people have to stop and look at him and talk to him. His dimples and smile create a magic in the air that pulls people in.

He's so content to play. His personality has changed and developed so much so that I feel like he is a real boy now. He's trying to talk and sing. His favorite thing is wrestling with Brandon and me on the living room floor. We lay down and he crawls over to us, stands up (using us as his support) and just lets go on top of our faces, stomaches and legs... and just laughs. He has that little boy play side already in him.

The summer has been so fun with him. We love taking him to the pool and letting him swim and play. He enjoys watching the kids around him jump in and play. He is very tender-hearted and will cry easily if we tell him "no!"

He says "ight" a lot. Momma, dadda..... and he tries to say "Daisy"- which is because of the giant stuffed giraffe we named "Daisy. "

We got him a little kiddy pool, and I let him roam the back yard naked, and then go wash off in the pool. It kills all the clean cells in me to watch my little boy get crazy muddy. But.... letting go and realizing that I haven't seen nothing yet.... allows freedom in my heart to let this boy be a get muddy, explore, make sounds and be full of life.

So this face below is no longer happening. It's crazy how fast a facial expression can come and go. He did this face every few minutes and now I see it rarely. =(

Brandon had his first Father's Day this month and got to celebrate it with his dad in town. So three generations of fathers and future fathers!

Brandon is seriously the kindest father to Laef. And my heart bursts with emotion over and over when they play and wrestle together. I adore this part of my life more any other part. It is hands down the most beautiful thing I have every felt, seen or experienced.  (Tears...)

I am so thankful and so blessed to have a husband who tells me how incredibly beautiful I am every day, and who holds my heart so carefully. He's so wise and caring and takes a role in our family that is a firm foundation to build on. I am obsessed with him.

Looking back a year ago, I am flooded with the Lord's faithfulness in my life the last year. To take my terrified soul and make the most beautiful year... and this is only the beginning. It makes me crazy excited to look back in 35 years and see the scripts of stories that hold the key to the Lord's faithful, loving heart to me. He is unrelentlessly kind to Brandon and me.

These are some test shots I did at a wedding recently of this beautiful man.

So I haven't had a whole lot of time to do anything fun really. Just working hard... today I'm getting a massage, and probably doing some more work. I needed to take a moment and blog the things most important to my soul. Even if it's all the same. July will be full of lots of friends and family coming to celebrate the beautiful life of my baby. My best friend is coming and I miss her more than anything. 

We are going to try to do a mini two-day beach vacation with Laef next month and in October, Brandon and I, mixed with our best friends, are sailing away to the Bahamas for five days. Laef will be staying with Brandon's family. I'm excited for a vacation.

Below is Selah and Laef. Selah is 3 weeks younger than Laef. They are buddies.  Last summer Selah's mom, Mallory, and I were both very pregnant at the pool... This year... we have our little people.

Well... I'm sure my next post will have all the memories of Laef's big birthday party! Thanks for reading my ramblings... <3