Thursday, October 11, 2012

Explorations North and South

I'm really late in blogging this, and I may not write a ton, but I at least wanted to post this for my own memory.

Almost a month ago, an adventure was offered to our family to visit the Hamptons for the wedding of my dear friend, Ashley Webb. I was their photographer and I leaped at the chance to go and see her get married AND photograph her gorgeous day. It was so incredibly beautiful. Brandon was my second shooter and my parents were there to watch Laef. The Webb family is very dear to our family, and we've known them twelve years.

Laef did amazing. He slept through the whole plane ride and pretty much a two-hour drive from JFK airport to the end of Long Island. He was fabulous.

New York!

When we arrived at JFK, I put Laef in a little sling and let him people watch. He loved it. But I think it made him a bit tired...

My parents are so smitten over my sweet boy. I Facetime them daily so they get to see his gloriousness unfold. 

well yes... of course... a New York pie. 

Everything in the Hamptons is like eye candy. It's so extremely beautiful. The light was so yummy when we arrived.

And the beaches...omg... (That's my mom!)

It was a long day of shooting. I started about 8:30 and finished at around 6:00. I loved every second. 

Here are a couple photos from the day. Visit my photography blog to see their photos. 

Below are some of my friends, whom I've known for 10-12 years. I <3 these girls!

Isn't Laef's outfit the best!? Gap Baby is my favorite. 

Taking some time to dance with dad. 

This little girl loooooved Laef. haha!

This is about a hundred year old house where Ashley's reception was. Ammmazing!

This boy slept so much this trip!

Brandon, Laef and I went out to Montauk after the wedding. We ate outside and froze our bums off by the ocean. It was either spend $75 less outside in the cold, or go inside a restaurant, be warm and pay $75 more! Crazy rich people!

Last weekend, Laef and I drove to Florida for a couple days to go visit my best friend, Sharon. It was such a fast trip. We had a great time, yet it was definitely a challenge for me being by myself--traveling with just him, doing most of the work alone. When I finally arrived home, I felt as if my body would collapse. I realized even how mentally tired I was. I seriously needed a break to recoup and rest. Thank God my husband works two days a week from home and then he has the weekend. I get four nights a week where my husband takes a shift in the middle of the night and helps out. Laef is not sleeping through the night yet. I mean, he has some good nights. But for the most part, it's still tiring. It really hasn't been nearly as hard as I had imagined.

While I was in Florida for my 30+ hours, I went to H&M and found some fabulous mustard yellow pants (I guess to match Laef's pair. ;) I went to one of America's largest Forever 21's. (nearly passed out!) I saw my dear friend, Katie, whom I worked with for two years in the bridal business in Kansas City, KS. She was visiting from Nebraska. Sharon, Laef and I spent a few hours at the beach, I got my hair done, Sharon and I swam in a hot tub, we went roadside junk shopping, and drank coffee and shakes. Spending time with Sharon is seriously some of the happiest moments in my life. She is such a faithful, loyal friend.

Here are some photos of my time...

Sharon's dog, Latifah, loved licking Laef's face! lol!

This little guy wanted to go home with me and jumped in my car...

Roadside junk!

Road trips make you CrAzY!

Oh! and in honor of fall... I got my hair! ;D



I still have much to say, so I may blog again. My son is turning three months tomorrow and I feel the need to recap the last month and shed some tears. Hopefully, I'll post tomorrow!

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