Saturday, January 5, 2013

Laef's First Christmas

"I like smiling, smiling is my favorite!" - Buddy the Elf

Christmas is probably my favorite holiday. Yet, I have to say, I really do love them all. I love spending time with my husband (and now, baby Laef too), eating bad food, shopping in cold weather and taking time to decorate my small little home.

This year was especially sweet due to it being Laef's first Christmas. A few years back Brandon and I spent a Christmas alone, because we knew that we would never have one alone ever again. And I'm super, super glad we did that.

On Christmas in 2011, I was pregnant with Laef. This past Christmas, everyone came to our place. Brandon and I spent most of the morning, cleaning, cooking, cutting up food, setting the table. Brandon's mom and step dad flew in for nine days from Joplin, Missouri. My parents drove in and my brother, his wife and kids came. We ate a fabulous chicken Alfredo pasta lunch and opened gifts for a few hours.

On Christmas morning, Brandon and I took a few minutes to be with Laef alone and let him open his first gift on his first Christmas. It was so lovely. sigh. My heart was so happy. This was the first Christmas I can genuinely say I didn't care about any gifts. I just was so happy to have my beautiful boy and handsome husband.

Laef really did scratch at the wrapping paper, eat it, and act excited about what he got, which was incredible. Brandon and I were a puddle of mush watching him. We got him a "Sophie the giraffe," which he totally loves. That was perfect for the surprise we found on New Year's Day--two new teeth popping through! And he hasn't been fussy AT ALL. Crazy! I'm so thankful. So he is chewing the mess out of Sophie.

My whole family got Laef some amazing gifts. And Brandon and I bought him a Baby Einstein crib soother.  

*Below is my nephew, Káel.

*Below are my parents

* Below are my sister-in-law and nephew

Christmas evening we sat around a bon fire outside, and just took in the beauty of family and the night. It was wonderful. I was a bit selfish with Laef on Christmas Day, keeping him mostly to myself. I just really can't believe that life is this sweet.

On the day after Christmas, Laef fell asleep in my moby while we shopped. <3

*Below is Brandon's family 

One of my most favoritest things this Christmas was seeing my best friend, Sharon. She spent the day before Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve Eve), and Christmas Eve with us. She gave me the best Christmas present ever. <3 I love her so much.

*Below are our closest friends/neighbors, Josiah and Nicole. We all went and saw "Les Miserables" together, which was absolutely incredible. Wow. Yes, I cried. 

Laef will be six months old in about nine days. I feel a lump in my throat when I talk about it. It's the sweetest, bitterest, saddest, most incredible oxymoron that a soul can go through--that is, seeing the greatest joy in your life grow from the smallest, most vulnerable, innocent baby, to the non-stop growing beauty of a boy. I look at him with awe every day. Literally, he will wake up from a nap and act and look different than two hours before. I really can't believe it. I say it every day, but his hair is becoming so thick. And I'm so excited about that. (Brandon laughs at me for saying it every single day.) I do just stare at him sometimes and think, "He is so beautiful..." (And yes, it's probably because I half made him. ;) ) 

I say to Brandon often as I turn Laef's light off at bedtime and make my way down the steps of our small house, "That boy is!" 

So almost a half of a year has flown by with Laef, and it has been like a slight breeze blowing--refreshing, quick, full of satisfaction and perfect. 

So I'm going to do another post about some New Year's thoughts, resolutions, and even upcoming events. I am excited about this year. And normally, I hate going into a new year, but this year is going to be a blast and full of beauty. I can't wait. 

Happy New Year! 

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