Wednesday, April 17, 2013

¡Hola Nine Months!

Oh my sweet Laef, where has time gone?

Nine months y'all... for real. Holy cow! Months have passed like I cannot even believe. In three months I'll be handing this kid a tiny cupcake with a candle to blow out.

Just since Saturday (Saturday was his actually nine month date) he started holding his own bottle and yesterday he started figuring out how to crawl. His behind is up in the air and he gets from A to B very quickly with a little rolling and grunting involved. It really is terrifying. Brandon's about to get his work gloves out to start child proofing our entire town house. Its a fabulous awful feeling.

It just keeps getting better. His eyes are full of so much awe and wonder at the new surroundings when we go to new places. He loves my hand held make up mirror and he figured out a sippy cup today. I guess I am in one of those moms.... sigh. He's precious, and I say it like ten times a day. That smile keeps you wanting more.

I love you baby Laef! Cheers to crawling and growing! And prayers for me...

Oh and he points at everything.

Look at that hair. *swoooon* I prayed for every piece of that. 

We took Laef to the zoo a few weeks ago. Doesn't he just look like a boy here? 

Little flirt.

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